Finally! The long awaited Google Nexus 6 series

A few years ago, Google launched the Nexus series of smartphones. This year there is great anticipation of Google Nexus 6 series. This phone is definitely better than the previous ones with unbeatable configurations. This series targets people who wish to have fancy and classy smartphones at favorable prices. In other words, this phone is coming to uplift people’s lifestyle at a pocket friendly cost.

There could never be stiffer competition like the one in smartphone market currently. The release of one leads closely to the launch of another. For instance, No sooner had Galaxy S4 penetrated the market than Galaxy S5 was launched. Manufacturers such as Google are always up to a challenge of creating the next series as latest smartphone in the market. While this innovation remains a challenge to manufactures, it is a benefit to consumers. They are always guaranteed of quality phones any time there is a debut.

Google Nexus 6 smartphone | specs | release date

After considering the features and specs of this gadget, it answers why the long wait was necessary. It is imperative to remember that Nexus series aims at setting the pace of revolutionizing smartphones. Every new series is always better than the previous one. The New Google Nexus 6 is no exception to this trend.

Amazing features of Nexus 6;

The first attractive thing you will notice about this smartphone is the beast appearance. This feature is becoming trendy among consumers and Nexus 6 series gets it right. The screen will be about five and a half to six inches. It ensures that anything displayed on the screen is crystal clear. The screen is capable of withstanding falls on the ground, without breaking. At the back is a self healing cover, which is durable and resistant to impact. The notion that smartphones are fragile will end after all.

nexus 6 specs

Intriguing design

The intended overall design of Google Nexus 6 focuses on aluminum edges with thin bezel. If this is combined with the gorilla screen and self healing back cover, the smartphone will be water and dustproof. No more worries of damage if the gadget is exposed to water.

Superior OS;

This smartphone will be backed up by a very able operating system. Every time there is a release of Nexus series smartphone, it comes with a new version of operating system. The one in Nexus 6 is improved hence; the reason why this series is better than previous ones.

Google Nexus 6 release date

State of the art camera;

The camera is unbelievable; it will have a dual tone flash, consisting of cold and warm. It will be differentiated by colors at the back of the gadget. Like the LG G3 or Samsung Galaxy S5, the camera will also include phase detection. The auto focus will be assisted by a laser. The back camera will yield clear pictures, camera modes and video calls, especially now that this series has front firing speakers.

Why you should get this phone

Do you know a phone is capable of expressing you personality? Google Nexus 6 appears in numerous colors, which fit your personality. With an internal memory beginning from 32GB, users can add as many apps as they wish.

Google nexus 6 price

Unlike other common smartphones, Google Nexus 6 has a curved appearance. The curve nature of the phone makes the owners look sophisticated and unique. The shape and design of a phone says much about the tastes of an individual. Are you classy and like sassy items? Stand by for Nexus 6 because it will tell it all on your behalf. The edges are smooth with a chrome finish. This makes it convenient to slip it in your trousers’ pocket and still stay comfortable. 

It never gets easier than this!

The phone may sound complex but it is designed to be an easy-to-use gadget. For example, the power button and volume rocker are on the same side. The screen is touch sensitive, making it possible to do anything within seconds. This is supported by the efficient RAM of the phone. The LCD display shows well organized items on the screen. Regardless their number, the user will locate the item needed with just a glance.

 Why the wait is worthy

With all the fascinating features and specs mentioned, the launch of this phone is really awaited. It marks the continuation of an evolution in smartphone technology. Mobile phones have ceased to be just communication gadgets. Over the years, they are increasing their uses. For example, the Google Nexus 6 series is likely to include features such as sensors. This is a clear indication of how smartphones are becoming more efficient and personalized.

 It’s almost guaranteed that the release of Nexus 6 will motivate competing manufacturers to release more versions of their smartphones. The competition will get better and exciting as these companies strive to scoop the largest market share. For now, Google Nexus 6 reign. Be updated and get yourself one after the release. You will have no excuse not to!